Locologic has everything I need to run my business efficiently.
Solving issues quickly is an important aspect of business. I'm very pleased with the support staff's attention and willingness to help.
We tried software before but we had to manage the software, server and IT guy. Locologic was easy to incorporate into our business from day one.
Locologic has made our company more efficient and responsive to our customers. We now have a direct line between the driver and the customer.
Locologic is an asset to my business. The routing, fuel usage, and maintenance reports are critical but also very easy to create.
About Us
LocoLogic originated within the software development and transportation industries.

Armia Systems began this venture in Chicago, IL. as a software provider for state passenger transport operators providing services under various governmental programs. Soon after, the software was modified to support all types of transportation companies. This software solution may be used by all companies - from single owned and operated companies, to city bus fleets.

In addition to being a maintenance-free hosted solution for small businesses, we also have offered this premier software solution along with additional customizations for larger clients.

We currently support hundreds of customers in the United States and internationally. Our sole focus is to provide valuable business management software and services to small and medium-sized businesses.

We help our customers run their businesses more effectively, while providing them with the ability to gain greater insights into business activities. By creating a software for automating business processes, we provide them with the tools they need to increase productivity, quickly analyze current business practices, and seize new opportunities and solutions.