Locologic has everything I need to run my business efficiently.
Solving issues quickly is an important aspect of business. I'm very pleased with the support staff's attention and willingness to help.
We tried software before but we had to manage the software, server and IT guy. Locologic was easy to incorporate into our business from day one.
Locologic has made our company more efficient and responsive to our customers. We now have a direct line between the driver and the customer.
Locologic is an asset to my business. The routing, fuel usage, and maintenance reports are critical but also very easy to create.
Best Practices
If you are responsible for managing fixed and rolling assets, here is how you can improve your fleet management operations with our application:

  • Reduce operating costs
  • Deploy workforce more effectively
  • Reduced cycle time for pickups and drop offs
  • Reduced cycle time for reservation and pickup
  • Effective utilization of vehicles
  • Automate the maintenance lifecycle - Demand, Execution, Back office
  • Improve mechanic utilization, do more with the same people
  • Lower replacement costs through increased warranty recovery dollars
  • Reduce Assets and Capital Employed
  • View Fleet Maintenance Brochure
  • Reduce parts inventory without compromising service
  • Rationalize asset counts through improved asset utilization
  • Transform shops from cost center to revenue generators
  • Improve performance and productivity with higher delivery rates through fewer breakdowns