Locologic has everything I need to run my business efficiently.
Solving issues quickly is an important aspect of business. I'm very pleased with the support staff's attention and willingness to help.
We tried software before but we had to manage the software, server and IT guy. Locologic was easy to incorporate into our business from day one.
Locologic has made our company more efficient and responsive to our customers. We now have a direct line between the driver and the customer.
Locologic is an asset to my business. The routing, fuel usage, and maintenance reports are critical but also very easy to create.

LocoLogic is designed specifically for passenger carrier fleet operators.  As this software manages all aspects of a fleet operator, this may be considered  Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP software for fleet operators.

Each vehicle is equipped with a state of the art GPS device. This device is tracked 24/7 using commercial 3G wireless technology.  If 3G is not available within a given area, our software can use 2G wireless technology.  As the map software is sitting in our servers instead of your computer or vehicle, there is no need for you to upgrade map information at any time.

Our infrastructure is centrally hosted with redundant servers with real-time backup.  If you ever lose information, we are equipped to restore it.   We typically keep information of all vehicles in our servers for 180 days.  We have the ability to extend this time period upon request.

Transportation Management Systems manages three key processes:

Planning and Decision Making
TMS will define the most efficient transport schemes according to the given parameters. Routes may have a lower or higher importance according to the user policy. Improve transport cost, create shorter lead-times and fewer stops to deliver quality.
The heart of our solution is the routing algorithm. This proprietary algorithm allows your dispatchers to calculate the most efficient routes for each of the drivers for the day. When a change in route happens due to new pickup or cancellation, the route readjusts. This optimal routing enables you to save 15-20% in mileage and time.

Customer Follow Up
TMS will allow the tracking of any physical or administrative operation regarding transportation.  Trace the editing of reception, invoices, booking documents, transport alerts (delay, accident, non-forecast stops) and transports event by event.  These confirmations can be delivered by email or fax.

LocoLogic offers you a number of analytics reports based on the whole business, per customer, per vehicle or per driver.  Our key process indicators (KPI) allow you to understand status different aspects of your business any time. These analytic reports and KPIs are useful for planning and scheduling.