Locologic has everything I need to run my business efficiently.
Solving issues quickly is an important aspect of business. I'm very pleased with the support staff's attention and willingness to help.
We tried software before but we had to manage the software, server and IT guy. Locologic was easy to incorporate into our business from day one.
Locologic has made our company more efficient and responsive to our customers. We now have a direct line between the driver and the customer.
Locologic is an asset to my business. The routing, fuel usage, and maintenance reports are critical but also very easy to create.
LOCOLOGIC - The Complete Transportation Solution

Locologic is the complete solution for passenger vehicle operators to manage all aspects of business including vehicles, drivers, customers, and passengers. Locologic is a comprehensive, affordable, reliable and scalable logistics ERP software solution available for liquid, bulk and sundry parcel operators, truck operators and freight services.

Our clients rely on our dependable 24/7 service and support for their fast moving business. Our SaaS based solutions will let you save money as well as time without hindering your daily operations.

Many of the most recognized names within the travel and transportation industry rely on our solutions for the quality, usability and reliability we provide. Contact us today for a consultation and see how much money and time you can save by using our state of art transportation management solution.

Easy Use

The software uses very user friendly UI and approaches that gives you extreme ease of use. You may access it from any browser.

Easy Buy

The software is much cheaper when compared to other players in the market. There is a one-time investment for software or server.

Easy Maintenance

We maintain the software and servers for you. You don’t need to worry with Locologic.