Locologic has everything I need to run my business efficiently.
Solving issues quickly is an important aspect of business. I'm very pleased with the support staff's attention and willingness to help.
We tried software before but we had to manage the software, server and IT guy. Locologic was easy to incorporate into our business from day one.
Locologic has made our company more efficient and responsive to our customers. We now have a direct line between the driver and the customer.
Locologic is an asset to my business. The routing, fuel usage, and maintenance reports are critical but also very easy to create.
  • Route management and scheduling based on most efficient trips
  • Know where your vehicles are at any time and where they will be
  • Highly configurable and scalable operation in user specific environment
  • Contract management
  • Accident log
  • Invoicing based on trips, mileage, or flat fee
  • Provides trip information for drivers on a per day basis.
  • Changes to the trip can be communicated to drivers through dispatchers or text messages
  • Reduces cycle time from reservation to pickup to less than 30 minutes
  • Reduces total mileage by 15-20% compared to dispatch only services
  • Provides consignment notes based on payment mode
  • Automated schedule alert (e-mails and mobile phone messaging) mechanism for updating delivery status both at primary and secondary transshipment
  • Fax reports and confirmations
  • User friendly interfaces for importing and exporting billing information from branch locations
  • Centralized billing repository facilitates the user to view and bill all the transactions of all the geographically scattered locations
  • Extensive GPS reports for monitoring the shipment transactions vehicles and passenger pickup and drop off
  • Online portal for client reservations for both private clients and government sponsored clients
  • Flexible and semi fixed routes
  • Notifies damage, short, extra and pilferage through alerts
  • Invoice tracking & report for management decision making
  • Detailed analytics
  • Multi-site, multi-user, multi-company capability
  • Web based application; even the remote users can access using browsers
  • No software to install, maintain
  • Work flow management
  • Maintenance manager for tracking and schedule vehicle maintenance