Automatic or Manual Dispatch

Locologic can suggest the best driver for each delivery based on his current location, load, projected availability for least miles or fastest delivery

Live delivery tracking

Track live driver location for each delivery in the Locologic platform which will always keep you posted. Can share the info to your customers along with expected time

Integration with your system

We will integrate LocoLogic with your current order system so new orders will be entered automatically

Proof of delivery

Driver can get proof of delivery as a mobile photo or signature. This can be shared with sender

Realtime Delivery Updates

Communicate realtime delivery updates on ETA and route to customer like Amazon.

Driver App

Driver App for realtime comunication with driver and status updates.

Find Best Route

Get the shortest route to multiple destinations easily by selecting the deliveries and clicking on the start button.

Ease of access through different gestures

Swipe left on a delivery when you want to update the status and swipe right for easily calling the customer.

Interested in a real time driver tracking integration for your business


Driver apps for
real time tracking and comunication