Locologic for Restaurants

With deliveries and takeaways on high demand, it is ideal to incorporate a well-managed delivery system for your restaurant.

Locologic is the choice you can go for a crowdsourced delivery system for your restaurant.

The Crowdsourced Model or Own drivers model

Locologic provides features to manage the drivers with the respective orders allotted to them
Delivery management including the delivery tracking systems is another inclusion
Can be configured for single restaurant, restaurant chain or multiple restaurants
Order status updates can be provided for the customers
Generates reports for drivers regarding the orders and payments
Perfect for restaurants with own driver pool
Application for customers: View updates on the restaurant confirming our order, preparing and packed to deliver

Faster Food Deliveries

Fresh food reaches the customers faster using the optimized route maps generated by Locologic based on the assigned orders.

Driver Mobile for Applications

  • Android and iOS compatible mobile applications
  • Application for drivers: View the food order info, use the determined optimal route suggested by the app and update the delivery status.

Driver apps for
real time tracking and comunication