Locologic eCommerce Websites

Stay upfront in the eCommerce business with the best digital solutions for order tracking and delivery management from Locologic. Beat Amazon in their own delivery game.

The Traditional eCommerce Model

Easily manage reverse logistics in case of return orders.
Manage deliveries to the destination using the optimized delivery module.
Offer delivery using your own drivers or crowd sourced drivers.
Generate reports on orders and payments.

The Dropshipping Model

  • Allot orders to drivers according to the routes assigned for each order.
  • Customers can stay updated on the order shipment and delivery details using the application.
  • Generates order and payment reports for drivers.

The Outsourced Model

  • Easily manage the fleet performance using the inbuilt order tracking and delivery management, and vehicle and driver management features.
  • Generate reports on the orders, deliveries, payments and shipment using the operation management features.
  • Suggests the optimal routes to follow for efficient and timely deliveries according to the orders assigned.

Manage the Webstore

  • Add and/ or update products on the order/ warehouse database.
  • Easily manage reverse logistics in case of return orders.
  • Assign drivers and vehicles for respective orders and allocate optimal delivery routes to save time and fuel.
  • Manage the reports for orders for both the customers and drivers.
  • Manage faster delivery systems easily using the tracking applications.

Shop Comfortably and Stay Updated

  • Android and iOS compatible mobile applications.
  • Application for Suppliers: Keep track of the Stock, incoming and outgoing orders along with its respective reports.
  • Application for Customers: Easily track the movement of your package using the order tracking application.
  • Application for Drivers: Receive details and updates on the orders, the route to follow for delivery and generate reports on orders, payments ad performance

Driver apps for
real time tracking and comunication