Our Features

The fittest survive! And Locologic is the best digital solution you can ask for online order and delivery tracking software. Locologic comes with an array of features improve your operational efficiency, customer and driver satisfaction.

Automatic Dispatching

Based on the new orders its load and the location, the software automatically suggests the best route, vehicle and the driver. It also provides the shortest route map serving all the order destinations for faster deliveries. Any automated dispatch can be changed. Manual assignment of drivers are also available.

Real-time delivery tracking

The order status will contain details on the dispatch, shipment and out for delivery statuses whereas the delivery status includes the location details on where the package has arrived real-time. Your customers can monitor the delivery in a map in real time and see the anticipated ETA just like Amazon. The customers are also provided with options to contact the delivery person in the application, if needed. Dispatchers can view all the delivery's in a single map.

Live customer feedback

Customers can drop in their valuable feedbacks regarding the order and delivery which will further be taken into consideration to improve the services provided.

Proof for delivery

The driver will have the proof for delivery which can either be a scanned barcode, a photograph or a signature. The sender will also be provided with the details as per request.

iOS and Android apps

Mobile devices are the most used electronic gadgets today. Hence, Locologic provides mobile compatible applications for both Android And iOS devices for easily accessing the order and delivery details. We can whitelabel the apps for Enterprise customers.

SMS notification for drivers and customers

Customers and Drivers will be notified with SMSs regarding each process of the order and delivery from confirmation of the order until the product is successfully delivered.

Integration with existing order systems to avoid data entry

Locologic is can be integrated with your existing system to avoid re-entering the orders from scratch hence saving time. We are integrated with most order systems. If you have a custom order system, we offer up to 40 hours free programming support to integrate your custom order systems. Contact us to discuss the options.

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