How to use Locologic for Micro Warehouses Doing Third-Party Fulfillment?

People’s lives have been put in peril as a result of the temporary lockdowns and house quarantines. Cities all across the world are at a halt. In addition, many people’s mindsets have shifted as a result of staying at home, resulting in increased use of on-demand applications and online purchasing.

As a result, shipping and fulfillment have become a significant battlefield for retailers trying to keep consumers. As more and more customers opt to shop online, millions of businesses have become retailers. More and more retailers recognize the importance of third-party storage and distribution to their overall profitability

Third-party warehousing and distribution allow you to save money on development and reduce renting costs. These businesses save money on inventory storage. They relieve both online and offline shops and businesses of the numerous headaches that come with choosing, packaging, and delivering items, as well as dealing with returns.

Micro Warehouses

Third-party warehousing is an essential element of a company’s supply chain and logistics services. A fulfillment center is where a seller or a company that the seller hires to export their fulfillment, such as a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, fulfills client orders placed through an eCommerce business where the seller meets wholesale orders to big retailers.

Renting warehouse space for eCommerce fulfillment is typically a more cost-effective alternative for small to mid-sized merchants depending on location. However, this can vary depending on available space and rent conditions.

Now that we’ve understood third-party fulfillment let’s explore how you can use this feature for your business. One of the best places to employ third-party fulfillment is through micro warehouses through Locologic. Apart from delivery services, LocoLogic also provides third-party fulfillment services.

In this article, we will explain how you can use Locologic for micro warehouses doing third-party fulfillment. But first, let’s introduce LocoLogic. 

Locologic is a location-based services firm for last-mile delivery. Locologic is an enterprise solution for 3PLs, merchants, and e-commerce providers to improve last-mile delivery alternatives. Through LocoLogic’s dropshipping business model for eCommerce companies, Stay ahead of the competition in the eCommerce industry with the best digital order tracking, storage, and delivery management systems

The dropshipping approach used by LocoLogic relies on merchants to provide a digital storefront for items owned by the drop shipment firm. Many marketers and enterprises may show storefronts for the same product at the same price. The content of these marketing businesses’ websites is generally what drives sales.

You will earn a commission on drop-shipped product sales if they can only put out enough free content that attracts the attention of search engines and leads to the odd click.   Micro-fulfillment is a method used by retailers to improve the efficiency of the fulfillment process, from accepting an online purchase through packaging it and, in certain circumstances, providing last-mile delivery. The strategy seeks to blend the efficiency of big, automated warehouses with the quickness of localized, in-store pick-up.

LocoLogic’s dropshipping approach allows you to assign orders to drivers based on the routes provided to each order via their website. Locologic is developing a multi-stop delivery feature to improve the business and services. On the other hand, customers may use their application to remain up to date on order shipment and delivery information. Additionally, it generates order and payment records for the drivers. 

To begin using LocoLogic’s dropshipping service, browse their website and join up for the appropriate plan. All of Locologic’s designs allow for an unlimited number of deliveries with various stops. The system will then allow you to register your drivers and assign them to deliveries.

It also comes with a driver app to verify delivery information and update their status after the delivery is complete. The best part is that you may completely customize your approach to your tastes. Then you have the option of manually entering each delivery or using CSV to add several deliveries at once. You may also have your panel delegate orders from their fulfillment center. 

Micro warehouses with third-party fulfillment centers are gaining traction as a viable option for retailers to shrink their fulfillment centers’ environmental footprints. Using a micro warehouse with a third-party fulfillment center like LocoLogic improves both efficiency and customer happiness.

As a result, it makes it easier for logistics companies to succeed in a competitive market. We hope that this article clarified how you could utilize Locologic as a micro warehouse and third-party fulfillment center.

How to use Locologic for Multi-Stop Deliveries?

When you’re in the shipping business, Last-minute route adjustments are a common source of frustration for drivers and fleet management. Calling or texting drivers about route modifications causes them to get confused, resulting in delivery delays.

One of the most inconvenient characteristics of online selling is last-mile delivery. For 3PL businesses, restaurants, grocery shops, e-commerce enterprises, and others, employing a last-mile delivery company is ideal for optimizing last-mile delivery.

Route changes are automatically shown on the driver’s smartphone when using multi-stop route planning software.

Multi-Stop Deliveries

Multi-Stop Software

A software multiple-stop delivery routes rapidly are known as multiple-stop route planning software. It is simple to use and automatically modifies routes in unforeseen occurrences such as traffic, barricades, and so on.

LocoLogic is an innovative and simple method to connect with local delivery and address these last minute. To obtain delivery orders into your Locologic platform, Locologic interfaces with order management systems. For delivery, it may be effectively assigned to your drivers.

In this article, we will be guiding you through the steps of how you can use Locologic for multi-stop deliveries. But First, let’s get acquainted with LocoLogic.

Last-Mile Delivery App

Locologic is a last-mile delivery company that specializes in location-based services. Locologic is an enterprise solution for enhancing last-mile delivery options for 3PL companies, retailers, and e-commerce providers. Their last-mile delivery system is simple to use, as is their driver smartphone app.

All types of drivers are supported, including self-drivers, 3PL drivers, and crowdsourced drivers. In addition, the platform may be configured to accept real-time orders from a variety of different order systems. Many order systems are available off the shelf, while others may be customized for free.

To start using Locologic’s multiple stop delivery option, you have to first go to the website, sign up for the suitable plan. Locologic’s programs all allow for limitless deliveries with various stops. While using a delivery driver app, the drivers can easily manage their list of deliveries assigned to them and efficiently map the destination. 

Then, You may register your drivers with the system and allocate them to deliveries. It also includes a driver app that checks delivery data and updates its status when the delivery is completed. The best thing is that you can tailor your entire strategy to your preferences.

Then you can either manually enter the deliveries one by one or use CSV to add many deliveries at once. You may also set up your panel to receive orders in real-time from your order system, such as a shopping cart. Please contact us to verify whether your order system is already supported. Most of the time, you can connect your order system for free. As soon as the delivery information is acquired, the system identifies the best and fastest delivery route and assigns a driver for each delivery based on availability.

Finally, you may monitor your shipments from the point of origin to their final destination. It is also possible to learn about the current status of the delivery. Quick data such as the number of available drivers, the number of new/unassigned deliveries, and the number of finished deliveries can be accessed.

According to the most recent to oldest allocated basis and current state, in-progress deliveries will be shown from top to bottom. The map interface feature will provide a comprehensive user experience for tracking in-progress and unallocated deliveries in real-time.

The administrator can see, control, and allocate drivers to deliveries. It has a typical search box where you may look for an order by typing in the order number/ID, pick-up or drop-off address, and delivery status. There are also two separate search boxes for looking for delivery based on the names of the client and the driver. As a result, the administrator could easily find an acceptable client and driver by typing in a word or selecting from a drop-down menu.

Multi-Stop Deliveries

Multi-Route Stops Feature

Locologic is bringing new features to improve the last-mile delivery services. Locologic collects deliveries from one pick-up point and delivers to one location; there are no stops in between. In addition to this feature, Locologic is developing a multi-stop delivery feature to improve the business and services. Although the multi-route stops feature is currently developing, it will collect deliveries from one pick-up point and deliveries to multiple drop-off points. While Planning multiple stops for a sales route will strategically result in significant benefits for your company like:

  • Increased Productivity
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction & Retention
  • Improved Profit Margin

Why multi-route planning is important?

  • To efficiently run last-mile operations
  • To deliver orders on time
  • To get dynamic routes
  • To deliver multiple orders with a single vehicle
  • To help drivers manage every trip efficiently

Multiple-stop route planning feature can fix the route planning-related challenges like:

  • Quick route planning
  • Effortless mapping of drivers with the right vehicle
  • Dynamic route planning
  • Reduces requirement for more vehicles from the market

By employing LocoLogic, a multi-stop route planning program avoids needless miles and hence saves money on gasoline. Fleet managers may use real-time tracking to assess deliveries and come up with strategies to improve their production and efficiency.

The productivity and customer satisfaction of using a multi-stop route planning software like LocoLogic are both improved. As a result, it aids logistics firms in thriving in a competitive market. We hope this article helped you understand how to use Locologic for multi-stop deliveries and help your business and delivery improve.

So, what are you waiting for? Reach out to Locologic experts and integrate the software for your business.