Comparing Logologic with DispatchTrack

Last-mile logistics delivery tracking system is more important than ever, particularly during a moment of disruption like the ongoing pandemic. Learn how to select the finest last-mile carrier to avoid delays in your transportation and shipment execution, which will cause problems for your middle man supplier.

Most essential, bear in mind that the last mile is frequently the deciding factor for buyers. They will leave their online shopping if the shipment takes too long to arrive or costs too much.

In order to expand and keep your client base. It is your responsibility to guarantee that your firm can satisfy its expectations. Therefore, overcome last-mile delivery issues to provide your clients with the most satisfactory service possible.

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To ensure that you offer the best to your customers, it’s essential to understand why you need to be careful about who you choose to fulfill your last-mile delivery. Two of the best names of the market, Locologic and Dispatch track, are always the go-to options for many retailers.

However, for the benefit of your company, it is always better to compare your options and weigh them both and their strengths before choosing one for you and your company. In this article, we will be doing precisely that. To help your decision-making process faster. We will be comparing both of these last-mile delivery companies. 

Let’s start by introducing both the companies

Locologic, is made for 3PL businesses, merchants, and e-commerce providers; Locologic is an enterprise solution for improving last-mile delivery choices. The last-mile delivery technology and the driver mobile app are quick and easy to use. Own drivers, 3PL drivers, and crowdsourced drivers are all supported.

Additionally, the platform may be set up to receive real-time orders from various order systems. Many order systems are kept off the market, while others may be customized for no charge. 

On the other hand, through DispatchTrack. Customers can self-schedule, confirm, or reschedule appointments via text or email using Dispatch track. Dynamic yet simple-to-use tools keep you in sync with your team while eliminating confusion and improving the customer’s delivery experience, such as allowing them to track their truck on a map with real-time ETAs on delivery day. 

Let’s compare the features:

At LocoLogic, there are several techniques for maintaining an optimal order management system. You can keep track of customer orders, fulfill them, and collect money. If there are a lot of open orders at the same time, things will be difficult.

An Order Management System keeps track of client and vendor databases, returns and refunds, invoicing and payment information, and order processing information. For example, if your order management system is linked with a logistics business. The client order will be immediately assigned to a last-mile delivery partner to complete the delivery.

LocoLogic is an innovative and simple method to connect with local delivery. To obtain delivery orders into your Locologic platform, Locologic interfaces with order management systems. For delivery, it may be effectively assigned to your drivers.

Last-mile logistics

The DispatchTrack cloud-based solution can dynamically expand from routing a few vehicles to routing 1,000+ trucks in minutes without sacrificing performance accuracy. Then, without any lag, add a large number of trucks, routes, and orders.

The route optimization software from DispatchTrack takes into account a variety of factors and crunches through millions of variations to determine the most effective route for each load on each day.

Moreover, it performs this on an open SaaS platform that links all of your moving parts in real-time on whatever device they have – drivers, routes, vehicles, loads, customers, clients, and dispatches.

Weighing all these options, it’s vital that we notice and consider the unreliability and risks involved when operating entirely on technology, which puts dispatch track at a relative disadvantage compared to Locologic.

However, through Locologic’s robust and organized system. It can be made clear why Locologic is more advantaged in this area. The technology ensures that the fastest delivery route is used and that the delivery is completed efficiently.

As a result, the end-user receives their items on time at their home or business. Locologic uses APIs to connect to various order systems and real-time import orders.

We hope this article helped you understand why LocoLogic is better and safer bet when it comes to choosing last-mile delivery companies