How On-demand Grocery Delivery App Benefits Grocery Stores During COVID-19?

on-demand grocery delivery app

The temporary lockdowns and home quarantines have made people’s lives in trouble. The cities are standstill across the world. Staying at home changed the mindset of many people which results in the high usage of on-demand apps. 

Let’s consider the changes faced by on-demand grocery apps. One of the biggest challenges people facing today is to get food or groceries. The technology that overcomes this challenge is by using on-demand grocery apps. Today, Grocery apps like Instacart, Walmart, Shipt is witnessing a large number of app downloads. 

On-demand Grocery Delivery App

Reasons for the Increasing Popularity of On-demand Grocery Apps

The era of COVID-19 mostly prefers to get grocery items at their home. The on-demand apps can complete this process in a convenient way. Here are the reasons for the rise in demand for grocery delivery apps. 

  • Contactless Delivery: Due to social distancing people like to stay away from crowds to avoid contact with others. Online grocery delivery apps provide the items user requests in their doorsteps. Hence, on-demand delivery apps offer an option to reduce the possibilities of direct contact with other people. And thus it is the reason why people prefer online grocery delivery apps. 
  • Secure Payment, Swift Delivery: Secure online payment is another reason for depending on on-demand grocery delivery apps. The delivery apps provide multiple payment gateways that allow users to pay using debit/credit cards and wallets. 

Benefits of Multi-delivery App for Users

  • Food and groceries in the same app
  • Improved ordering and delivery services
  • More discount coupons and offers
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Delivery Through Bots or Drones
  • Increased Revenue for Business Owners

Here is the graph of on-demand grocery app downloads during this lockdown period. Listing the graph of the main apps like Instacart, Walmart, and Shipt.

On-demand Grocery delivery App

How On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Helps Business Owners?

  • Better Customer Relationship Management
  • Better Customer Retention
  • Easy Inventory, Stock & Order Management
  • All The Reports And Stats At Your Fingertips
  • Better Customer Service Through Chat

How On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Helps Customers?

  • Saves Valuable Time
  • Saves Money
  • No Impulse Buying
  • Real-Time GPS Tracking
  • Shop For Others

Benefits of On-demand Grocery Delivery App for Grocery Stores

  • Better Inventory and Order Management
  • Enhanced Convenience
  • Analyzing consumer behavior & delivering personalized offers
  • Enhancing Customer Loyalty by offering Loyalty Program
  • Reducing Overhead
  • Order Tracking
  •  Different Payment Options

Must-Have Features for Grocery Delivery Mobile App 

Easy registration: Users can register themselves and it must be simple and user-friendly

Product listing: separate the grocery items into products and sub-products for better user experience.

Quick shopping list: Users can save the products for future reference. They can also add the items into the favorite list or reminder list. 

Search: It enables users to search for different products 

Tracking: Real-time tracking allows users to track their order delivery and can see the status of the order. 

Delivery scheduler:  Users can schedule their order delivery in advance as per a convenient time and customers can select a date at the checkout process. 

Quick reorder or repeat order: Users can reorder past products from their history list by clicking reorder. 

Discount coupons: Discounts and offers let customers buy more products. 

Push notifications: Notifications are sent to customers regarding the new offers, new products, status, and payments. 

Recommended products: When the recommended product list is displayed at the bottom makes users engage with their interests. 

Why The On-Demand Grocery Delivery App Gaining Popularity?

  • Saves Journey Time
  • Saves Searching Time
  • Saves Check-Out Time
  • Saves Travel Expense
  • Saves Money Through Discounts & Offers

Do you need to connect your online platform with a delivery driver app? 

Last-mile delivery is one of the biggest hassles involved in online selling. A delivery driver app is the best solution to optimize last-mile delivery for 3PL companies, restaurants, grocery stores, e-commerce companies, and many more. Let’s have look at the Locologic Last-mile delivery app. Locologic is a driver delivery app that can be integrated easily with your grocery store.

If you are a grocery store owner, you must be thinking about how to add a delivery driver app with your store. Here you can see how the delivery driver app works. If you are in search of building an on-demand app then you must read How to Start an Online Grocery Delivery Business?

On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

Today, on-demand services are everywhere. Many services are linked with the on-demand market, and many are not. Considering the rising demand for such services, if your service doesn’t have an on-demand app, then your business can expect huge losses in revenue. If your product or service is applicable to integrate with an on-demand app, do it now. Then you won’t lose your customers nor your business.

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