Why Independent Pharmacy Need a Delivery Driver App?

delivery driver app

Medicines are an essential part of our life. To collect the prescribed medicines, one has to go to the pharmacy and have to wait in large lines. Sometimes after holding up in a queue for a long time, you came to know that particular medicine is not-in-stock, which is disappointing. 

However, an on-demand pharmacy delivery app can bring significant changes in the pharmacy business. Pharmacy on-demand services offer medicine delivery at the customer doorstep, which is beneficial for the growth of your business and gives you a unique identity. 

An independent pharmacy service can be set up by a single person or under the partnership. It is possible to manage the entire on-demand pharmacy delivery from a single platform to your customers. 

More than 22000 independent pharmacies serve patients across the country. Many of the patients are mobility limited. As a result, to serve their customers better, these pharmacies offer medicine delivery service.

delivery driver app

Need for on-demand Pharmacy applications

Nowadays, we are ordering food, taxi, grocery, clothes, and many more products and services at our doorsteps. Then why don’t we order medicines? As it is one of the fundamental things of our life, it is essential for the pharmaceuticals to create a medicine delivery app. 

So, Why customers are going for an on-demand pharmacy app? 

It’s very convenient: Using an on-demand pharmacy delivery system, anyone can order medicines with the prescription—now no need to waiting in long lines. 

Opened 24/7: The medical shops might not be open for 24/7. But with on-demand pharmacy ordering and delivery app, patients can order at any time from anywhere. 

Out-of-stock: Waiting for a long time in a medical shop line, and then you came to know that the prescribed medicine is out-of-stock. This is disappointing. However, with an online medicine ordering app, you can check the availability of specific medicines. 

When a patient is shopping for Rx/OTC fever medicine, transferring the prescription and looking for an alternative, for such customers, needs the independent pharmacies to have more time. 

The benefits offered by Independent Pharmacies to their customers are: 

  • No Waiting Time 
  • Extra Services are available 
  • Custom Orders are possible 
  • Home Delivery Services

Why is Medicine Delivery Apps growing faster?

Saves Time: The success of an on-demand medicines delivery app is, the patient gets the required medicines with few swipes and clicks, which is a time-saving and convenient method. 

Saves Money: You can buy medicines online with discounts and buy medicines from the best drug store using various coupons               

Informative: The app gives the medicine details search by the user, and it helps to create more awareness about the medicines. 

These reasons are enough for one to have an on-demand pharmacy delivery app.

 How does an on-demand pharmacy delivery driver app work?

Historically the deliveries are managed manually. The deliveries are manually separated into different zones based on zip codes. Besides, drivers or pharmacy staff would call the customers to make sure they are available to receive the medicine or equipment.

A delivery management system can automate and improve the process. It can assign drivers to each delivery based on the most efficient routing so that the total miles driven by all drivers would be the least. Other methods, like the fastest delivery or lowest cost, are also possible.

The platform contacts the users with ETA and well as tracking URL so the users can see the delivery on a map. This eliminates unnecessary back and forth calls with service providers and frustrated customers.

There are many ways to integrate pharmacy POS systems. A common practice is to print bar codes or QR codes with the delivery address. A scan by a traditional bar code scanner enters the delivery info into the platform. Alternatively, the delivery information can be exported as a batch to the delivery management platform.

When an item is delivered, the driver can take a picture and signature from the customer on the mobile device as confirmation. 

An on-demand pharmacy driver app includes customer notifications to driver, real-time GPS tracking, and can update the status of delivery.

Which are the key players in the market?

Here are some of the players who witnessed the success of the on-demand pharmacy ordering and delivery app.

PillPack: PillPack is a leading on-demand pharmacy company in the U.S.

NetMeds: Netmeds is an Indian online medical store that provides reliable and affordable medicines. 

Medavail: Medavail is an innovative self-service pharmacy 

The features you can expect in the on-demand pharmacy app are an option to sort medicines, upload the prescription, and the user can schedule the date and time of delivery, multiple payment options are available. 

Do you have an Independent Pharmacy?

Are you running a pharmacy business? 

Are you searching for an on-demand pharmacy driver app? 

Then you are at the right place! Locologic can help you to make the delivery faster. 

Integrating with Locologic will make your store to run a huge business. Locologic is a driver app that helps your customers to receive their medicines in the doorstep.

When the user makes an order, and the store owner accepts the order, the diver will get a notification while the order is ready to deliver. Real-time order tracking system will help customers to track their medicine orders. 

So, It is clear that the on-demand ordering system and delivery app is the most profitable business in the industry. 

If you have an independent pharmacy, contact us.

Learn the working of delivery driver app.

Give your pharmacy business a new unique identity by providing your customers an easy to buy medicines and deliver with our driver app solution. 

We provide mobility solutions to entrepreneurs who are looking for an online medicine delivery app to manage medicine delivery service. 

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