Driver Incentives to Improve Fleet Performance

In online business, there are many factors you must cater to to be successful. This includes how well your company services are reliable and transparent. Reliability consists of points such as quality of the product, the quantity of the products, usability of the product and timely delivery whereas transparency constitutes on how well the platform can be trusted based on its prices, reviews, ratings, customer service, etcetera. While the whole world is going up and about for speedy and fast track deliveries on online shopping or on-demand services, there is one main part that stands out in the light. You guessed it right. It is the “Delivery”! Delivering the purchased products on time can save in a lot of reputation for the online enterprise and gain more customers on the go.

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Top 10 Issues to Consider When Setting Up Your Food Delivery Business

With the pace that today’s life is moving forward, it is self-explanatory of why there is an increase in demand for food delivery systems. Simply said, this on-demand service of delivering food at your doorstep is highly convenient for many people.

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Strategies To Reduce Last-Mile Delivery Costs

Last-mile delivery systems are the final and imperative part of online shopping. Putting it down simply, the last-mile delivery system is the process of picking products from the transportation hub and delivering them to the destination hub. Here the transportation hub can be a local retailer or a warehouse and the destination hub can either be a commercial or residential area. Last-mile delivery has been gaining great attention due to the high demand of omnichannel retailing. Omnichannel retailing is a combined effect of both online and offline channels. The ideal omnichannel shopping extends from brick-and-mortar business to smart internet-based devices such as desktops, PCs and mobile devices and is a unified set of all these along with social media, storefronts, conventional marketing and online advertising.

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Amazon One Day Delivery and its Impact on Retailers

With technology at its peak and digitization, an online presence for businesses is a very important and inevitable part. But currently, the online marketplace is all about the “Amazon Effect”! In simple terms, Amazon has successfully brought in a new wave in the eCommerce industry with its one-day delivery systems making it a more reliable and favorite amongst online shoppers.

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